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LoRa Workshop with Frank Beks
> 01 January 2023 > at Sunjoo Lee’s Atelier in Eindhoven

✂This was a very small workshop, where Frank taught us how to use LoRa and The Things Network Community Server.

Frank Beks works as an IT manager. He gives workshops on LoRa node making & programming, and LoRa gateway making.

LoRa is a radio communication technique, enabling long distance wireless communication through free-license radio band, and The Things Network community server and the gateway networks lets LoRa nodes to access the internet free of charge. Read more about LoRa here: 

✂The participants were just Timm and Sunjoo, the Tree-001 project members. It was very easy to do this, with some simple arduino programming. We programmed the arduino to read pressure and altitude through barometric sensor, and find the nearest gateway, and through the gateway we could access the community server.

“LoRa is a wireless modulation technique derived from Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) technology. It encodes information on radio waves using chirp pulses - similar to the way dolphins and bats communicate! LoRa modulated transmission is robust against disturbances and can be received across great distances. “