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Design Academy Eindhoven Mud Cell Making
> 27 September 2023 > at DAE

✺The half-day workshop was with about 35 Design Academy Students, from all different studios and years. It was about exploring the wetlands in Eindhoven and gathering mud from the bottom of the rivers and ponds, and making microbial fuel cells out of them.

Program >>>

  • Presentation about Tree-001 project.
  • Presentation about the wetlands of Eindhoven, the locations we will visit.
  • All students went out in small groups, to their designated wetland spot, marked on the map with coordinates.
  • Every group brought a bucket and a DIY mud shovel with them. (a combination of a wooden stick and a soup ladel!)
  • Once everyone came back with mud from different places, we started the making of mud cells.
  • Sunjoo demonstrated how to make a microbial fuel cell(MFC) and we collectively made 16 jars.
  • Since MFCs take time to start generating a meaningful amount of electricity, we temporarily made earth batteries with the jars and tried to power a radio with it. (as Dennis taught us at Varia workshop!)
  • We transmitted the Macarena song and received it with the world receiver!